** SAAC Shelby and Cobra Registries **

The definitive guides to Cobra and vintage Shelbys
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SAAC is in kind of a unique situation with its Registries. In the past, by the time we started working on a new registry, the previous books had been sold out. There was a slack time of a few years, owing to the length of time it took to produce one of the 1000+ page hardcover monster books. That slack time allowed a demand to build and when the new book was printed, there were plenty of buyers in line.

The newest round of Registries are being printed one at a time, one for each year or model. As soon as one is printed work starts on the next one. In the hardcover days, we had to wait a couple of years to get everything printed, and as a result most of the information in the book was a couple of years old. The newest registries are much fresher. Information in them is only months old.

We presently have both generations of Registries available. The 1000+ page hardcover editions and the newest softcover editions. You van buy either. Or both. Here are the differences.

Hardcover Editions
•Cobra and GT40 - published in 2008 - 1618 pages
•1965, 1966 and 1967 Shelby - published in 2011 - 1350 pages
•1968, 1969, 1970 Shelby - published in 2014 - 1473

These issues have black and white photos of individual cars and owner histories of all cars known to within a couple of years of publication. Also include are separate chapters on competition models, other historical cars, lists of unique part numbers, homologation papers and other chapters carrying ancillary information.

Softcover Editions
•1965 Shelby - published January 2019 - 224 pages
•Leaf Spring Cobras - published April 2019 - 416 pages
•1966 Shelby - published June 2019 - 672 pages

These issues have color photos of individual cars and owner histories of all cars known to within a couple of months of publication. 
Information includes last known owners and individual histories of every car.