Leaf Spring Cobra Registry, 5th Edition (2019)

Leaf Spring Cobra Registry, 5th Edition (2019)

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Softbound, printed April 2019.

400 + pages with 600 +  pictures – most of them in color. Also includes updated owner listing, updated individual history of every car, serial number information, accurate production figures, production changes, explanation of options with statistical breakdown, mechanical specifications and breakdown of dealer sales. 

This is the second of the new 5th Edition SAAC Registries. Each one will be printed as a separate book. There will be eight in all, to be printed in this order: 1965 Shelby, Leaf Spring Cobra, ’66 Shelby, 1968 Shelby, Coil Spring Cobra, 1967 Shelby,  1969-70 Shelby, Ford GT40. Print runs will be relatively small and we expect them to sell out quickly. Second printings, if undertaken, will not be immediate so our suggestion is to get a copy now. You will not be disappointed.

Includes SAAC’s famous 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back offer: if we’re not 100% satisfied with your money we guarantee we will send it back.

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